Should Masajid remain closed? I shot my question directly without a prolegomenon. He’s the one, I usually look up to when there’s any religious or spiritual confusion.

Sun was about to set. He put his tea aside and said, “I have far bigger questions for you. What had been your conduct when they were open? and once the lockdown is over, would you consider this a second chance and visit them regularly?

“My father had cataract surgery. Back in those days you were prohibited to do “Sujood” for 3 days. When home, my father stopped eating. When we worriedly inquired, he said that I am ashamed, I can’t bow down to my creator but shamefully enjoy his blessings and luxuries.”
“Closure of Masajid might not be a big issue but not feeling sad about it; definitely is. Allah has closed the doors of his house for us, could there be a bigger tragedy or regret? This will in shaa Allah be for a short period of time but do not forget that one day we will have our last visit to Allah’s home. With everything we want we will not be able to join the congregation as we will be lying there helplessly in front of people.”

He picked his tea and left me wondering what have I learnt from this pandemic?

Osama Siddiqui