I had two long-standing questions that I think are a bit clearer with this current covid-19 crisis. First, Allah repeatedly mentions in Quran about the nations that were destroyed – and how that’s a great sign for the humanity. We can’t even find some of their traces now in our history let alone identify their remains – so how do we really internalize this idea? Second, Allah can make everyone righteous if He wills, so why that does not happen for the good?

For the first question – the way this ‘invisble force’ has entirely destroyed the world’s economy in a matter of days, and forced even the superpowers to surrender is indeed a practical demonstration of nations being eradicated to nothing. We all are utterly helpless here and waiting for a miracle.

As for the second question, just see how people are no longer spending millions on lavish celebrations. How they are covering themselves to their best, appearing modest. How the worst of night life centres and crime zones have disappeared overnight. That’s the external control by which Allah can forcefully make all of us surrender to Him. But deep down, we all feel like breaking from this lockdown and returning to old ways soon. See. Allah does not want you to submit forcefully, but with your free will. And this is where the crux of this trial lies.