COVID19 — probably one of the deadliest calamity of the recent times.

There is no doubt that COVID19 has brought the world to its knees. It has affected people from all around the world. However, the response of a believer must be different from the response of a disbeliever. The basic belief of Muslims should be that everything is from Allah (SWT). Nothing happens except by the permission of our Creator. And HE (SWT) is acquainted with everything!

In this time, when we are surrounded by negativity, let’s look at the positive side of this deadliest virus. A believer always looks at the benefits, and the pearls of wisdom when a calamity is afflicted upon them. Some of the things we can derive are:

1: Humbleness:

Do you know what is the size of this virus? It is probably the smallest manifestation of creation that is only 20–30 nano-meters in size (only visible from an electron microscope). Scientists are still wondering whether the virus is technically alive or not. To make you understand, let’s consider an example: take a grain of rice and contract it 100,000 times — that rice grain will still be much bigger than the size of the virus! And such a tiny creature has terrified all humanity.

What does this imply? This implies that there is indeed a Rabb, despite all the technology we cannot even control our own lives. How can we still not humble ourselves? What is all the arrogance about? This is a perfect time to reflect upon ourselves and make ourselves humble by realizing the weakness and helplessness of mankind.

2: The reality of death:

كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

Life is not eternal, and we often forget this fact. We get so deluded by this world that we don’t pay much attention to the world hereafter. The reality won’t change whether we think about it or not. We are surrounded by deaths now if such calamity can wake us up from the slumber of Dunia, then this is not a calamity rather a blessing in disguise.

3: Equality:

The virus completely defies the notion that some people are better than others. Everyone is equally vulnerable to the infection. It does not differentiate between a prime minister or a slum-dweller. What is the lesson in it? This perspective completely destroys the concept of racism and it exposes the foolishness of superiority complex.

4: The indicator of success and failure:

It is quite often that we see people associating wealth with success. After looking at the disasters caused by COVID19, it is obvious that everyone of us can get infected. The wealth didn’t come to save the wealthy. This world and all blessing associated with it is not an indication of success or failure. The only true success is that of the world hereafter and it is determined by how we live in this world as per the teachings of Allah SWT.

5: Importance of Family, friends, and society:

Another blessing that came with this virus is that it is making egocentric people realize that they need family and friends. Also, it makes people realize the importance of discipline, civil order, society, etc. because we need systems where there are checks and balances, and law and order. You cannot possibly fight with this virus all by yourself. You need people!

6: Eman bil Qadar:

It is a demonstration for us that there must be a higher power that predetermines what is happening. We have seen examples where a person can take all necessary precautions and still get afflicted while the other can walk into the epicenter without any protection and nothing happens to them. Though taking the precautionary measures is an obligation, but Eman bil Qadar will save you from all pointless anxiety and depression. If you put your faith in Allah (SWT) then all your worries will surely end Insha’Allah.

7: Rediscovering faith:

“And we will surely let them taste the nearer punishment (i.e. the torment in the life of this world, such as disasters, calamities) short of the greater punishment (the Hereafter) that perhaps they will repent.” [Qur’an 32:21]

The greatest wisdom in such a universal calamity is that in these times people rediscover their faith. People who were not so religious turns out to be more religious in times of stress. A lot of people will condemn you on this, but, DON’T FEEL GUILTY. The Quran reminds us that at times of stress, turn to Allah. The sole purpose of being tested and trialed is that we turn to Allah. Remember, if you change your ways and turn to Allah after a calamity, it is proof that you have passed your test, and the apparent calamity was nothing but a blessing. However, you should feel guilty only if after it is over you neglect everything and go back to your ways.

Calamities show us the true nature of this world and its transience, its temporary conveniences, and it shows us that true life is that which is beyond this world. A life in which there is no sickness or exhaustion. If life continues to be easy, a person may become conceited and arrogant, and think that he has no need of Allah, so by His mercy He tests people so that they may turn to Him. In the end, I pray that may Allah (swt) make it easy for the people all over the world. May HE help us to fight this deadliest pandemic and let us reflect on our lives.

Awais Iqbal